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15 Aug 2011

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For businesses large and small seeking to get the most out of their human resources, hiring a training company may be the best solution for providing their employees with relevant, meaningful professional development and job skills training. While many businesses do in-house training for employees, partnering up new hires with veterans and to let the experienced employees teach them the ropes, an increasing number of businesses are finding this training plan unfeasible.

Outsourcing training

Hiring an outside company specialising in determining the training needs of companies and providing them using skilled professional trainers is becoming more prevalent as companies in a challenging economy are seeking to get the most from their work force.

Having internal training takes skilled employees away from their “real” jobs and puts them in a role they may not want, or be suited for. In times like these, you need your best people focused on their specialty, not babysitting newbies.

Training firms specialize in educating employees, so their trainers are skilled in understanding how different people learn, allowing them to present material in a way that’s relevant to the individual employee. Also, because they specialize in training, they won’t be distracted by other deadlines and demands.

They can focus their full attention on teaching your new employees the job skills they need to excel, and refreshing your current employees and providing them with information on the latest trends and new skills in their field.

Benefits of hiring a training company

The benefits of outsourcing your training operations to a professional training firm are many. Here are a few of the more important ones:

  • Pre-assessment of your business’ training needs and development of a targeted training plan designed to produce specific, measurable results.
  • Less disruption to your day-to-day business.
  • Professional service by a company focused exclusively on training solutions.
  • Often less expensive than maintaining full-time, in-house training personnel.
  • Job skills training for new employees and professional development for current employees. Your company’s leaders of tomorrow are likely working for you today. Providing these employees with professional development prepares them for the day they move up to positions of increased responsibility.
  • Training in important workplace ethics, sensitivity and anti-harassment skills important to working in today’s diverse work environment.
  • Training that meets standards set forth by the National Training Information Service.

In today’s economy, where every dollar counts, having the best-trained staff can give your company a significant edge over your competitors. Why make such an important component of your success someone’s secondary job? Hire a training company to maximize your human resources investment.

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