Business Training for Sales Employees and Professionals

06 Jul 2011

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Sales is the lifeblood of business and are ordinarily left in the hands of sales people whose main function is to meet clients and potential customers everyday and that is the value of business training for sales. Selling is a skill that can be developed and enhanced through training combined with psychology.

Training For Sales Teaches Emotional Connection

Engaging the customer and building client relationships are the keys to increased sales and business growth. Psychology and neuroscience are behind clients’ decisions so that making an emotional connection and understanding their thought processes can unlock obstacles to sales.

Training For Sales Format

Business training programs often follow the format of presenting ideas, illustrating and testing principles in workshops and coaching sessions. Post-training coaching sessions are essential for maximizing learning and ensuring the transference of behavioural change.

What You Can Learn With Training for Sales

A program that teaches the psychology behind client decision making will teach you:

  • why people buy and how clients make decisions
  • the emotions that affect a client’s decision
  • how to address client hesitations and fears
  • how to establish an emotional connection with the client
  • how to create perceived values in a client’s mind
  • planning an effective client meeting

Emotional Intelligence EQ

Business success also entails much more than just a high intelligence quotient or IQ. A sales person must also have emotional intelligence or the ability to manage his own feelings and that of the other. This ability helps a person deal with frustrations, manage emotions and get along well with others. Sales people with highly developed emotional intelligence are known to outperform others with less EQ.

Components of EQ

Unlike IQ, EQ can be developed through a business training program, feedback and coaching. An emotional intelligence course can teach Self Awareness, Mastering Negative Emotions, Attitude of Optimism, Reading the Emotions of Others and Teaming up with Others. These aspects of emotional intelligence can produce not only successful sales people but also effective leaders and customer service staff.

Benefits of Business Training for Sales

Programs aimed at developing emotional intelligence tend to produce happier, healthier and more successful employees. In the organization, this translates into:

  • sales growth
  • improved performance
  • harmonious relationships in the organization
  • better collaboration with others to achieve goals
  • increased tolerance for discomfort and stress
  • disciplined employees
  • effective conflict management
  • persistence in challenging situations

Other business training programs can teach learned optimism and positive psychology which complement emotional intelligence development programs.

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