Certificate II Retail Training for Increased Efficiency and Productivity

07 Jul 2011

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In Australia, the general qualification for employees entering the retail industry is the Certificate II Retail Training course. Operating a retail business requires knowledge and skills that can be learned through instruction and on-the-job training.

Retail training covers retail basics such as stock control, customer service and sales and prepares the trainee for more advanced skills in retail operations.

About Certificate II Retail Training

The certificate is given to an employee who successfully completes 10 core units and 4 elective units in various competencies.

Certificate II Retail Training Covers:

The core subjects are:
Interact with customers
Work effectively in a retail environment
Apply safe working practices
Minimize theft
Communicate in the workplace
Apply point of sale handling procedures
Operate retail equipment
Perform routine housekeeping duties
Perform stock control procedures
Balance register/terminal

4 elective units must come from chosen streams relevant to the student’s line of work: general selling stream, general food selling stream and clerical/admin stream.

Various programs offer Certificate II Retail Training. Ideally, the program that is self-paced and workplace based provides the best opportunity to learn and complete the training according to the student’s skills level.

Benefits of Training

Induction and training: Most entry level employees possess minimal knowledge and skills and often require basic skills training and coaching. Initial retail training can introduce new employees to basic concepts and jumpstart their performance.

Career development: New and existing employees are interested in opportunities for career advancement. Certificate II Retail Training puts them in the right direction as a necessary first step before obtaining advanced retail training or more responsible positions in the business.

Employee retention: Successful business managers know that people are a retail business’s best assets. Recruiting and retaining skilled employees is a continuing challenge and remuneration is not always sufficient to attract and keep them. Competing businesses are always on the lookout for skilled employees in search of better opportunities. Offering retail training for employees sends the message that they are appreciated and possess a brighter future with their current employer. It is an effective way of retaining good employees in a business where recruiting skilled employees is increasingly difficult.

The Certificate II Retail training program is a cost effective investment for employers who wish to improve performance and efficiency and increase productivity in the workplace. This eventually leads to increased profits and contributes to the success of the retail business.

Inquire about Certificate II Retail Training on 1800 287 960.

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