Certificate IV in Training and Assessment is a Door to Opportunity

25 Sep 2011

RTO • training and assessment

Many workers discover they have a capacity to teach. Some employees will actively pursue opportunities to be trainers within their own company, while others turn to a brand new career with a Certificate IV in Training and Assessment.

This nationally recognised training qualification is required to be an assessor or trainer at a vocational school or training centre. Some workers start planning for retirement years by obtaining this certificate to enable them some flexibility for part-time employment.

Reasons to obtain a certificate IV in training and assessment

1. A promising job opening states that Certificate IV in Training and Assessment is mandatory. The job opening may mean a boost in pay or greater challenges.

2. An employer may require a worker obtain the certificate in order to move to another role in the company, or make it a prerequisite for employment.

3. To secure a position at a vocational school: The Certificate IV is required and there are no alternatives at this time. Vocational schools may be an attractive position for workers who have spent years in a particular field.

4. To gain employment at a training centre: Many skilled workers have a desire and natural ability to impart knowledge on a job site. Some of these workers may judge employment at a training centre to be an improvement over their current career path.

5. Cross training because they are unable to perform their current job: A worker may be injured and cannot meet the physical demands of a certain job or have a correctable eyesight deficiency that does not allow them to perform certain jobs. In these cases they can turn to a life of instruction that will use their skill, knowledge and experience.

6. To start their own business in a fast growing field. In a broadening economy that calls for more skilled workers there is an increased need for trained personnel. Some people are highly attracted to being their own boss.

The Certificate IV in Training and Assessment qualification is required to teach at all reputable training provider facilities and vocational schools. It is nationally recognised and conveys a distinct capability on the holder. Remember that someone has to train the people who train others. Employers, company trainers and individuals are advised to seek out only reputable providers, with an established track record.

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