Choosing the Right Training Solutions

04 Jul 2011

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Organisations that regularly employ skilled personnel require different training solutions to stay competitive in their industries. In Australia, registered training organizations offer a wide range of solutions for specific industries and for different competencies. Choosing the right training solutions not only boosts productivity but also ensures a high return on investment.

The Right Training Solutions

The right solutions for your organization will depend on some factors such as business needs, employee needs and existing skills levels of the employee to be trained.

Business Needs Training Solutions

Ongoing education can provide skills that an organization needs in order to achieve its goals. There are solutions for retail management staff, administrative personnel and highly technical positions. Knowing what your business needs is the first step in choosing appropriate training solutions for your company.

Employee Needs Training Solutions

Every employee possesses varying competencies and knowledge that may require further education to meet specific industry standards or for an employee to advance to a higher level. Solutions are available for all levels of employees whether they are entry level workers or high level executives. The employee or his /her immediate superior may help identify the employee’s ongoing needs after reviewing the job description which outlines the skills and knowledge to perform the job.

Existing skills

An employee may already possess specific knowledge and skills that a certification program aims to teach. Prior skills and knowledge may have been obtained through previous schooling, qualifications, work experience, or life experience and are valuable at work. A registered training organization may recognize the previous skills through:

  • Recognition of prior learning (RPL) or
  • Credit transfer

RPL requires a comparison of the skills and knowledge attained previously against those taught in a training program. With RPL, a student can shorten the period of training, reduce costs, or take on additional courses leading to a more advanced level.

In credit transfer or advanced standing, corresponding units are assigned to units or modules previously completed. This allows a student to reduce his study load and complete qualifications more quickly.

Determining your business and employee training needs allows you to choose the right training. Various options for training are available including apprenticeships, traineeships, vocational education and training in schools.

Training programs are important investments which can yield good returns for your business. The expenses associated with training solutions can be minimized through careful determination of the type of training required and the method of delivery.

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