Corporate Training Fosters Continued Success

29 Aug 2011

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The toughest opponents business owners have today are time and money – they are the Goliaths that work hard every day to damage companies. Corporate training comprises an arsenal of techniques and strategies that help businesses overcome problems with very specific solutions.


We are all customers at some point, and we know that the customer may not always be right. As business people, however, we know that we must treat every consumer with respect. Customer service is an area that some people take for granted, and too many assume that interacting with customers is a straight forward exchange between company and consumer.

There are many facets to customer service, and good training shows how to master them all: How to gently discount complaints, seamless and smooth up-sell practices, and performing professionally are just a few areas that may have room for improvement. Brand satisfaction and ‘customer for life’ status begins with your front line personnel.


Risk management practices are part of all corporate training models, and essential steps that reduce a variety of risks are covered in training modules. We all know that a perfect safety record in a warehouse is highly desirable, but how many of us stop to consider that the lack of a disclaimer on electronic communications may raise our risk profile?

Training personnel about managing and reducing risks now requires a focus on paperwork and website content. The latest rules and regulations shape how a company may more effectively communicate while eliminating risky practices.


Imagine the scenario where stellar negotiations conducted via electronic correspondence culminate in a face-to-face meeting with your new clients in another country. The meeting is going well and business cards are exchanged. You decide to make a quick note and write on the newly acquired business card. In some countries that is the equivalent of defacing the individual! Knowledge of such international business etiquette can be delivered through corporate training.

Individual presentation skills can be as good as a business makeover. This may include posture, clothing choices, public speaking, and the art of chairing a meeting. Tips for creating impressive written presentations, first class press releases and even the colors and fonts to use in a slide show – all help to position the individual and the company he or she represents, in the best light.

From your company representative’s handshake, to their signed contracts, there is a world of ways to make your presentation count.
Corporate training can help you save valuable time and precious budget dollars. Today’s trainers are able to teach the cutting edge techniques that will benefit a company in many ways. The first step required of leaders is acknowledging that training can create a huge return on a reasonable investment.

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