Applied Training Solutions is working constructively with the transport industry to improve safety and skills development in this important sector. Flexible day or evening classroom based training available Monday to Saturdays Click here for more information

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Certificate II Retail Training for Increased Efficiency and Productivity

07 Jul 2011 Business Training • retail management • retail training

In Australia, the general qualification for employees entering the retail industry is the Certificate II Retail Training course. Operating a retail business requires knowledge and skills that can be l...

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Retail Management Training

06 Jul 2011 Business Training • retail management • RTO

Retail managers take care of daily operations of a department store or retail outlet while ensuring that company policies and procedures are observed and that is the basis of retail management trainin...

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Business Training for Sales Employees and Professionals

06 Jul 2011 Business Training • RTO • sales training

Sales is the lifeblood of business and are ordinarily left in the hands of sales people whose main function is to meet clients and potential customers everyday and that is the value of business traini...

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Transport and Logistics Training

06 Jul 2011 Training and Development • transport & logistics

Transport and logistics training serves the fastest growing industry in Australia, offering a wide range of work opportunities with great pay and conditions. Its network consists of ports, roads, rail...

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