Outsourcing Workplace Training Optimizes Your Workforce

08 Oct 2011

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With the demands of a globalised, hyper competitive market, finding the time to provide your employees with workplace training opportunities can be hit or miss, mostly miss.

Considering the tight staffing situations and increased demands for productivity many businesses are facing, having time to provide the in-house training and mentoring that was common in years past.

However, not training your employees can result in your business not unlocking the full value of its most valuable resource — its people.

Why you need a trainer

Lack of proper training can result in employees not having all the tools they need to perform their work efficiently, lack of in-house replacements for management as employees in these positions move up or move on, and a lack of understanding concerning workplace ethics and responsibilities that can lead to trouble.

Outsourcing your training needs to an independent training company can help you keep your company focused on its primary business, while qualified, competent professionals handle your training needs.

Hiring a Training Company

When you hire a training company, they may visit your business and work with you to develop a training needs assessment. They’ll also work with you to set specific goals for your training program, allowing you to see concrete results for your work force investment.

Once that’s done, they’ll find qualified personnel to provide your employees with the training that they need. Training companies can provide education in industry-specific skills needed by your particular business, such as data entry, forklift driving, etc. They can also provide training in leadership, ethics and sensitivity and diversity issues.

Finding the right trainer

Professional trainers make educating their clients’ employees their primary business. When you hire one, you’re putting appropriately qualified people in charge of your employees’ training and professional development – much smarter than leaving it to employees who may not have the patience or temperament for training others.

When selecting a training company, be sure to hire a company that’s a registered training organization. RTOs are recognized for meeting government standards with regards to training and work force development. By hiring an RTO, you ensure that your employees are getting real and relevant training, and not just a meaningless certificate. There are about 5,000 RTOs throughout Australia.

Tight budgets and intense competition mean that you need your best employees focused on their jobs, and not busy trying to train new employees.

Workplace training companies can provide your new employees with the training they need, your veterans with refresher courses and professional development, and leave your company with a stronger work force.

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