Registered Training Organisation

04 Jul 2011


A registered training organisation can deliver nationally recognised qualifications. Every business is concerned about sustainable operations and profitability, which depend largely on the quality of its human resources pool. Employees must be armed with the right knowledge and skills obtained from a registered training organisation in order for the company to stay competitive.

Importance of a Registered Training Organisation

A registered training organization or RTO is one that is authorized by state and Federal training authorities to deliver training packages or solutions for particular industries. RTO’s maintain specific standards which ensure the high quality of vocational education and training services they provide.

Registration of the training organization distinguishes an RTO from other training centres and serves as an indicator of its quality and credibility. Students who obtain training from an RTO are assured that the skills they learn are of high quality and that their training can be accepted anywhere in Australia.

Benefits of Training with a Registered Training Organisation

RTO training provides several benefits in addition to quality training and nationwide acceptance.

Update skills: An employee needs to stay updated on the latest trends and techniques related to their work. RTO provides the most relevant training for specific jobs and industries. It can also be used to upgrade employee skills to a more advanced level.

Employee performance: Acquiring the right knowledge and skills for the job can also lead to improved efficiency and increased productivity, which contribute to higher profits for the company.

Return on investment: RTO training is a sound investment that often leads to good results that are measurable.

Employee retention: Recruiting skilled employees has become more challenging due to an imbalance in the supply of skilled labour. RTO training motivates employees to grow with the company and boosts employee retention.

What a Registered Training Organisation can do for Business

An RTO can customize courses that are nationally accepted and tailored to the needs of business. Before training, the registered training organization must provide induction information, establish the skills level of each student and plan different strategies to meet their learning needs.

Not all employees possess the same competency before training. A RTO may recognize prior knowledge obtained through formal study, training, work and life experience. This prior knowledge may be recognized and measured against the course in which the student is enrolled.

Before starting any training program, the registered training organisation will assess the skills and needs of the student. This allows the registered training organisation to select the right training methods which will maximize learning from the training program.

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