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06 Jul 2011

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Retail managers take care of daily operations of a department store or retail outlet while ensuring that company policies and procedures are observed and that is the basis of retail management training.

Retail Management Training Is For

Retail management training is for retail business owners and those wishing to progress in a retail career. It is useful to assist in a move from smaller retail businesses into department store retail opportunities and management.

Retail Management Training Skills

A retail manager takes care of:

  • managing and motivating staff to increase sales and improve efficiency
  • maintaining sufficient inventory levels
  • attracting and maintaining customers through quality customer service
  • health and safety issues in the store

Qualities Instilled Through Retail Management Training

With the many hats a retail manager wears, he or she must be:

  • a team leader
  • quick and decisive thinker
  • excellent at spoken and written communications
  • committed to customer needs

Retail Management Training

These qualities are further developed through retail management training in the following competencies:

  • Strategic planning
  • Merchandising strategy and corporate presentation
  • Merchandise buying
  • Operations management
  • Managing employee performance
  • Sales strategy
  • Managing industrial relations
  • Developing organizational marketing objectives

Strategic planning: Retail managers need to know how to analyse the current retail market and create strategies for improving or maintaining sales growth. This is done through periodic review, evaluation, assessment, forecasting, goal setting and development of appropriate action plans.

Merchandising strategy: Visual merchandising is a powerful technique for attracting a target market and communicating corporate image. A short course should be able to teach a manager how to create a corporate image and develop a visual presentation strategy to support it, develop a product presentation process and install merchandise for promotion activities.

Merchandise buying: Choosing the right products to display and sell in a department store is crucial for generating sales. The retail manager must know how to analyse the market, plan the products range, and build relationships with suppliers with the goal of maximizing profits and store space to get the most return on investment.

Managing people and performance: A retail manager must be able to establish and maintain a workplace team to help the company achieve its performance objectives. Managing people involves coaching, instruction, imposing discipline sanctions, motivating, team building and termination of employment. Expert retail management training can help develop this competency to help a manager balance the company’s objectives with the needs of its retail staff.

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