Training and Development Evolves With Technology

25 Sep 2011

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Managers from around the world are constantly trying to do more with less. The service or product they provide demand faster delivery, more variety, and better quality. training and development practices are constantly adapting to new technology.

Leaner, Faster, On Time, And Within Budget

Project managers and senior operations officers are charged with the better management of manpower, equipment, supplies, and other necessary resources. Often project supervisors will need to shorten deadlines to keep costs within budget constraints. Leasing extra equipment, transportation costs of materials, or purchasing additional supplies may not be the answer however. The major problem could well be the lack of a skilled and certified workforce.

New Projects Should Incorporate A Training Schedule

Additional manpower must be trained to proper skill levels to efficiently execute any new business undertaking. Operations officers need to hire and train added personnel in a time frame that allows those workers to make the new task feasible.

A scheduling conference may show that it is impossible to complete all required training in time to launch the new initiative. The first step in taking on a new project therefore is to perform a thorough evaluation of needed manpower plus required training. The lack of trained workers can mean forfeiting a lucrative contract, delaying a project while incurring expenses that devour profits, or not launching in time to meet contractual demands that result in financial penalties.

Training and Development On-Site Or Online Collaboration

Classroom training, portable sited classroom modular units and online training may be used in combination to train up a work force. Cross department, cross company, or cross country communications can be conducted via the internet.

The collaboration enabled via computers helps eliminate miscommunication. Project managers have discovered that they can be “on the same page” even when they are not in the same room or geographical location. Learning and certification that can be done online can shorten training timelines. The latest information, knowledge and skills can be communicated instantly.

Online Solutions and Problem Solving

Trainers are confronted with students that learn differently. Workers often represent different generations and therefore may have distinctly different ways of learning. Project supervisors at every level can exchange real time tips and techniques electronically. The online community provides cutting edge discussion groups, problem solving procedures, and real time solutions to managers at any level.

Capable, astute managers are becoming increasingly aware and involved in how training and development practices and procedures are changing with technology.

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