Why Train?

19 Apr 2011


Workplace Training Benefits

The benefits of workplace training are many both for individuals and businesses.

Workplace Training can:

  • Increase Wealth – improving efficiency, productivity & bettering job prospects
  • Make you stronger – improving team cohesion & skills, reduce staff turnover
  • Make you better – increase quality of outputs, improved compliance & awareness, bettering job skills & prospects
  • Reduce stress – the stress of not knowing what to do, what you can do and how is removed with training & replaced with recognisable skill levels
  • Boost self-esteem & Loyalty – training makes people feel better about themselves & their skills; employees that employers invest in feel greater loyalty
  • Enhance value – greater profitability, reduced waste and better career positions add value to organisations and individuals

Training with ATS can:


  • Stress – training is flexible, accessible, affordable & clearly defined
  • Time – ATS offer days & hours to suit you, training can be done on site to reduce travel time losses
  • Energy – Training is practical, integrated, clearly defined so it suits your business and/or goals
  • Money – cost-neutral training is available with government funded training options

These are some of the biggest benefits of training your team.

Applied Training Solutions offer you real training solutions because we understand what it is like to be in business. You don’t have time and money to waste – you want real value and that is why ATS is about training for a better future.

A better skilled, more cohesive, loyal, productive, efficient and profitable future.

ATS is big enough but small enough so we can meet your training needs but we do it with care. We are designated Business Units Managers (specialists).

As an RTO providing workplace training solutions for organisations big and small you can have confidence in ATS.

Some Clients we’ve worked with to deliver real training benefits include:

  • Acer Computers
  • Fairfax
  • Aldi Stores
  • Dairy Farmers
  • Blackmores
  • M5 Motorway
  • Startrack Express
  • TNT Express
  • Apollo Blinds
  • Donut King
  • Freedom Furniture
  • Fuji Xerox
  • Grays on-line
  • B & D Doors
  • Boral
  • Cobra Group
  • Repco
  • Sydney City Council
  • Wollongong City Council

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