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12 Sep 2011

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Safety and workplace training are priorities with most successful companies. Workplace training raises efficiency, updates knowledge, provides skills, and raises safety consciousness. This is the best way for a company to grow, lower their risk profile, and ensure compliance at all levels.

Assess Your Needs

A workplace training company can provide consultants to help evaluate your current and future needs. This first step is vital to creating a plan that increases the skills of company workers.
The desired outcomes should be determined and that will guide you to a list of your needed training. This important step should make a clear distinction between what a company needs and what a company wants. What a company needs is to establish their priorities.

Make a Plan

This important step is a collaborative effort. Planners must consider budget, schedules, and personnel. A company must continue to meet its obligations, but at the same time allow for the training of personnel.

The plan must account for normal goals to be met while increasing worker skills. Plans should ideally take into account everything from scheduled vacations to time frames where a company typically expects to be working overtime. An example would be a company that must gear up for holiday sales.

How to Launch

Once a company begins to upgrade skills and increase proficiency on a schedule it is important to stay the course. Once you begin it is crucial to stick to the plan and avoid postponements, training interruptions, and rescheduling. Managers and planners should perform a final round of assessments prior to the implementation date.

Ongoing Evaluation

It is important the workplace training providers meet regularly with company managers. This allows the team to evaluate all individuals and make necessary adjustments. Training reviews are tools to help make corrections, alter teaching methods, or change a schedule to better serve the students and company.

Measure the Value of Your Investment in Training

It is a business fundamental that owners and managers want evidence of the value of invested funds. This is not a snap judgement rather it is an ongoing process. A value may be a much improved safety record that leads to a reduced insurance premium. Another value could be training that allows a company to expand its services. The effect of either could take some time to develop but can be monitored and evaluated at specific time frames.

Successful workplace training can be the beginning of a prosperous relationship between a business and training company. The ultimate value may be a company’s ability to outperform their competitors.

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